Sandhya plans an attack on Meghna in Swabhimaan


Karan is getting fine day by day. Nandkishore is angry and finds a chance to point out some flaw. Karan is getting confident. He greets everyone. Nandkishore asks Dada ji to ask Meghna and Naina how can they question on him, they do not know a father’s blessings value and how to respect a father, as they don’t have their father with them. Meghna and Naina get a shock. Dada ji asks Nandkishore to stop it. Kunal supports Karan. He gives his car to Karan. He tells Nandkishore that he has given the car to Karan as he is starting a new chapter in his life. Meghna and Naina respect Kunal.

Kunal says I want Karan to take something from me and go ahead. Kunal is playing an important role in boosting Karan’s confidence. He has given many things to Karan. Nandkishore is much annoyed and tells Kunal that he has also become wife’s puppet now. He asks Nirmala to see, we have lost our son, we can’t expect anything from him, he will sing about his wife all day. Sandhya gives a responsibility to Meghna and asks her to focus on the festival at home. She asks Meghna to manage Teej function. She asks her not to forget she is elder bahu of Chauhan family. Meghna is trying to find Sandhya’s secret. Sandhya is scared her secret can come back, and makes Meghna busy in work. Naina’s task will be ending in Teej fest. Sandhya wants to fail Naina and Meghna’s efforts. Sandhya will be attacking Meghna.


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