Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Kirti’s marriage


Dadi gets speechless when people ask Dadi who will marry Kirti now, what will happen of her future. Dadi decides to get Kirti married soon. Kirti tells Dadi that she does not want to marry. Dadi says she knows what’s better for Kirti. Naira asks Dadi to give some time to Kirti. Dadi asks Naira to say if Kirti will live her life along, if Naira thinks well for Kirti. Dadi wants to end Kirti’s loneliness. Naira supports Kirti.

Naira has to go in a party with Kartik. Suwarna makes Naira ready for the party. Suwarna’s love for Naira is seen. Kirti compliments Naira’s beauty. Naira and Kartik go for the party, along Kirti. Bouncer stops Kirti from going inside the disco without a partner. Kartik gets angry and says we will leave from here. Kirti asks them to go for the party, she will go home. Kirti cries and feels lonely. Kartik says I came to this disco many times, there were new rules before, is there anything special now. Kirti asks Kartik not to spoil his mood, and go ahead with Naira. She gets emotional seeing the couples romancing. Naksh comes there and joins Kirti as her partner, to take her to the party. Kartik and Naira dance in the party. They look adorable together.

Meanwhile, Suwarna talks to her brother and gets emotional. Her son is staying with her brother. She has hidden this matter from the family. Naira comes to meet Suwarna and hears her conversation. Suwarna gets worried seeing Naira. Suwarna’s son will come in front of the family soon. The mystery behind Suwarna hiding her son from everyone will be known.


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