KaiRa’s party fun ends with something upsetting in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Kartik and Naira dance in the party. A girl compliments Kartik for his wonderful dance. Kartik teases Naira for becoming a coal by jealousy. Naira says I m not a bit jealous. He says you are not reacting as you know I m very sincere and loyal to you. She says just you get jealous, being stupid. Kartik says I will prove your jealousy. Naira does not show her jealousy to him. He goes and hugs his old friend. He compliments her. She says I have missed you a lot, you are still charming and handsome. She asks Kartik for a dance. The girl finds Naira pretty and calls Kartik a lucky guy. The girl asks Naira to let Kartik enjoy in the party.

Kartik says I will get drinks and come. He does not want anyone to force him for dance. The girl asks Naira did she scare Kartik so much. Naira tells her that Kartik does not wish to dance with her, else he would have gone with her in college days itself. She gives a rude answer to the girl, being jealous. Dadi calls Naira and scolds her for not being responsible. She tells about Kirti coming home in tears, that’s why the family members did not wish Kirti to go in the party. Kartik learns the matter and gets upset. He says I told you not to take Kirti here, she got upset, how would she feel. Naira tells him that she wanted to get Kirti here to lift her mood. Kartik worries for Kirti and leaves for home.


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