Rangeela takes an initiate for women empowerment in Ghulaam


Rangeela scolds the Sarpanch. He gives a lecture and tries to open their eyes. Sarpanch gets afraid of Rangeela. Rangeela asks him why did he kill an innocent girl on name of customs, I will do the same with you and kill you by taking the customs advantage. He is encouraging people to take a stand. He wants to unite women to stand against Veer. He will not sit quiet. He is trying to influence people and get their support. He knows he can’t win alone, but wants everyone to fight for justice.

Rangeela gathers all the women in the village and becomes their savior. He encourages the women to fight for justice. He tells them how the innocent girl was beaten up, and then the girl was made to leave from her house, what would she go through, if women don’t stand for women respect, this torture and injustice will keep on going, you all have to take a stand. Veer comes there and tells the women that they came here on an enemy’s call, this should be their first and last mistake, he will forgive them, but they should be away from Rangeela’s shadow now. Rangeela tells them that Veer has come to make them scared, but they should end their fears. Shivani asks the women to make Veer leave. Veer asks Shivani to make her fear run away fast, touch and show me. The women leave from there, while Rangeela tries to stop them. Rangeela wants to end Veer’s fear in everyone’s heart.


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