Romance back in Sukor’s life in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor have a romantic dance. They spend some quality time. Suraj does not want their romance to end. All their distance ended. They have got together now. They make vows to each other. Chakor fell in love with him again, knowing what all Suraj did for Imli. She tells Suraj that he has completely changed and got more humane. She recalls how much she tortured him by being indifferent to him.

She apologizes to him and says I will just do what you say. Suraj punishes her to make halwa for him. Chakor finds it an easy task. Suraj tells her to make halwa for entire villagers and feed them. He asks her to tell everyone that Suraj is innocent, he has no relation with Imli, he just loves Chakor. Suraj has forgiven Chakor’s mistakes. Chakor is happy to have Suraj back in her life. Suraj’s loyalty and love got proved. He asks her never to doubt him again. Chakor thanks him for saving Imli’s child in time.

Back at the haveli, everyone gets a surprise knowing Bhaiya ji’s memory has come back. Bhaiya ji holds Chakor responsible for everything. Chakor is not at fault this time. Bhaiya ji tries to kill Chakor and suffocates her. Vivaan, Suraj and Imli stop Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji has turned raging as before. He says I got mad dreams because of Chakor, she made my life hell, I roam like a mad man in village, she has made me worried since her childhood. Imli and Ranjana ask Bhaiya ji to leave Chakor. Bhaiya ji remembers everything, what he did in his madness. He does not know about Ragini and Vivaan giving him the wrong medicines. Vivaan and Suraj tell him the truth of Ragini planning to make him mad. Bhaiya ji gets angry and takes his gun to find and kill Ragini.


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