Shakti – Soumya doubts on Harman’s love


Its Harman’s birthday celebrations. Soumya dances as Harman’s Radha. She looks very pretty, all dressed up for the special occasion. Soumya is very happy. She makes Surbhi dance along with her. Harman praises Soumya for her dance. Harman cuts the cake and celebrate his birthday with the family. Harman feeds the cake to Soumya. Preeto tells the guests that she has some special announcement. Harman does not stay in the party and leaves. Preeto spoils Soumya’s happiness, telling her that Harman just loves her beauty, not her true identity of a kinner. She tells Soumya that if she does not remain beautiful, Harman will leave her.

She asks Soumya to think why Harman is afraid to tell the world that his wife is a kinner, why does he hide this truth from everyone. Preeto says Harman’s love is only with Soumya’s beauty, but the truth is Soumya is a kinner. Soumya asks Harman is this true. Harman gets speechless. Soumya falls in Preeto’s words and raises a doubt on Harman’s true love. Preeto tells Soumya that truth will always be the same, that she is a kinner. Harman is hiding Soumya’s identity truth to safeguard her life. Harman is not ashamed to be married to a kinner. Will Harman be able to explain this to Soumya? Keep reading.


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