Anika and Shivay’s dissent continues in Ishqbaaz


Anika dominates Shivay’s kitchen knowing that’s close to his heart. Shivay spends most of the time in kitchen, as cooking is his favorite hobby. Anika messes up the kitchen and replaces all of his favorite things. Shivay does not get affected by her doings. He maintains his cool. Anika gets miffed seeing his zero reactions. She tells Rudra that they have to plan something else. Anika then acts of talking to Rohit, to make Shivay jealous. She succeeds to some level. Shivay turns jealous, and tries to figure out the guy in her life. Anika’s flirty talk gets his concern. Rudra and Anika try to make Shivay react. Anika then takes over his room and asks him not to enter the room without her permission.

Shivay lets everything go off his hands without a complain. Pinky and Anika get into an argument. Pinky asks Anika to leave from the house. Anika reminds Pinky that she owns the house now. Pinky decides to do something to send off Anika. She calls up Ragini to express her concern for Shivay, after his ex-wife came back. Ragini finds a chance to come home and meet Shivay. Rudra finds Ragini evil-minded and creates a hurdle. Anika tries hard to make Shivay react and throws water on him, reminding their old-time. Shivay’s indifferent behavior makes her worried. Anika thinks to put herself in risk and test Shivay.


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