Kirti to face societal pressures in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kirti final departure line up more shockers

Dadi’s friend Anita has come home to Goenka house from London. She meets everyone. She keeps talking to Kirti about her broken marriage, while Kartik and Naira try to stop her, as her words are hurting Kirti. Anita does not care and comments on Kirti’s marriage breaking. She gets an alliance for Kirti and shows as if she is doing a big favor on Kirti. Anita gets her annoyance out, as Goenkas did not marry Kirti to her son Arjun years ago. She taunts on their money blind sight to choose Aditya for Kirti. Naira tells Anita that they will do what is right for Kirti, and they will just wait for Kirti’s decision. She says Kirti should do what she likes, its not about what we like.

Anita asks Naira how will she find someone for a divorcee, this relation will work as ointment on the wound given by old relation. Naira says sorry, Kirti does not want to marry so soon, she needs time for herself, she does not want to talk about this. Anita asks do you mean I m saying wrong, Kirti can’t get a better alliance than my son. She tells then how her daughter in law left her son, and even he is going through same phase of loneliness as Kirti. Anita reminds Dadi the questions society will pose on them. Dadi feels troubled thinking of Kirti’s future.

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