Avni falls in huge dilemma in Naamkarann


Neil feels bad to not get Maddy Bua home. He tries his best and promises Bebe. Avni uses her contacts in embassy. She assures Maddy’s return. Maddy tells Bebe that Avni has come as an angel for her. Bebe and Neil get thankful to Avni for her timely help. Prakash feels proud to have Avni as her daughter in law. Everyone feel bad seeing Maddy’s wounds. Bebe faints in shock. Maddy and everyone take care of Bebe. Avni encourages Prakash, who breaks down seeing Bebe’s state. Prakash tells her that he loves his mum a lot. Avni asks him to have belief that everyone will get fine. Shweta also gets concerned for Maddy. Avni then saves Maddy’s daughter Kareena. Neil gets glad and thanks Neela for the help.

Neela tells him that Avni has made all efforts. She asks him to make Avni’s birthday special. Avni gets mistaken of Neil’s decision. Neil promises Neela that he will make Avni super happy by his surprise. Neil and Shweta plan the surprise birthday party. Avni takes care of Bebe. Bebe gets much impressed by her. She tells Avni about her family history. She wants Avni to always stay with Neil as his support. She blesses Avni. She asks her to promise that she will never leave their family. Shweta gets jealous seeing Avni winning Bebe’s love. She plans to use Ali and make Avni out of the house. She plants misunderstandings between Neil and Avni, to break their marriage.



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