Omkara-Rudra to unite Shivika in Ishqbaaz


Anika realizes her big mistake for agreeing to Pinky and leaving Shivay, thinking it will be good for him. Ragini finds pain common between Shivay and her. Rudra gives her a good answer. He asks her how did media know about Shivay and her friendship. Pinky supports Ragini. Ragini gets a chance to meet Anika. She acts ignorant of Shivay and Anika’s relation. Shivay tells Ragini that Anika is his ex-wife. Pinky is glad that Anika is out of his life. Anika feels she has lost Shivay completely, as Shivay has lost himself as well.

She thinks Shivay has moved on in life, so he does not care for her doings. She thinks to do something to end her distance with Shivay. Pinky passes taunts to Anika. She tells everyone that Shivay and Ragini are more than friends. She wants Ragini to marry Shivay. Dadi asks Pinky to pray for Shivay’s happiness. Pinky could not understand where Shivay’s real happiness lies. Dadi knows Shivay will never forget Anika, he always loved her and will always love her. Rudra and Omkara make a plan to make Shivay and Anika talk. Omkara finds it tough thing. Bhavya and Gauri come to help them in uniting Shivika.


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