High Five Spoilers

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May I Come In Madam: Sanjana has kundli dosh that she is Manglik. She gets under pressure that she has to marry a plant or a dog. She chooses to marry a plant. Sanju asks her not to worry, he will make the plant look good. He decorates the plant to make her like it. She is getting engaged to a plant. She is unhappy with her engagement. Everyone dances in the function. Sanju gets the plant and stands with Sanjana, to take the ring ceremony ahead. Everyone is happy for Sanjana.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya worries to find her sisters. She wants to unite her mum and dad. She tells Abhi that her mum Sarla has right to meet her other two daughters. She is sure that Sarila will forgive her husband if he apologizes to her once. Abhi assures Pragya that he will unite her parents and also find her sisters. Abhi and Pragya got together after crossing many hurldes. The goons shoot Pragya. Pragya falls down in the river. Abhi fears to lose Pragya forever. Abhi’s dreams break down. The time stops for him. Will Abhi get Pragya back?

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Shivay and Anika have an argument. Anika makes Shivay from the room. She says its my room and I can do anything I want. Shivay is not able to forget her. He still wears their engagement ring. Shivay and Anika shed tears, missing their togetherness. Anika wants to make him normal like before. She does not want Shivay to forget his real personality. Their heart pain is not getting less. Anika tries finding ways to get his attention.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Sawan Utsav is celebrated in Goenka house. Singhanias are also part of the celebration. Naira and Kartik celebrate the Saawan. They have fun sitting on the swing. Kartik sticks around Naira and romances. Naira challenges him to apply her name in mehendi on his hand. Kartik accepts the challenge and asks her to apply mehendi as well. Naira does not like applying mehendi. She asks Kartik to drop the challenge. Dadi gets a gift for Singhanias. There is much happiness. Dadi says its mehendi leaves and suhaag bangles.


Sameera gets shocked seeing Ricky’s ghost. Ricky is scaring Sameera as the ghost. He has applied makeup and shows his burnt face to Sameera. Sameera screams. Pinku comes to know the matter. Ricky switches off the lights and disappears. Sameera tells Pinku about Ricky’s ghost. She knows ghosts don’t exist in real life. Pinku gives her water. Pinku thinks Sameera has gone mad. Modi family see Sameera screaming and laugh. They have planned this with Ricky. Later on, the family mourns for Ricky. Sameera comes in Ricky’s soul peace puja. She wears a red dress, saying Ricky did not like white colour. Jaggi asks her to have some shame, how can she do this. Jaggi asks her not to create a scene and just leave.


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