Shivay to announce his marriage in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika have an argument. Anika makes Shivay from the room. She says its my room and I can do anything I want. Shivay is not able to forget her. He still wears their engagement ring. Shivay and Anika shed tears, missing their togetherness. Anika wants to make him normal like before. She does not want Shivay to forget his real personality. Their heart pain is not getting less. Anika tries finding ways to get his attention.

She made many attempts. She thinks her rudeness can make a difference, and cause a reaction from his side. Anika cries and kisses their engagement ring. Anika wishes they come together soon. Anika has challenged Pinky that Shivay will accept her as his wife with love and respect. Shivay doubts on Anika’s intentions to play such game. He feels Anika has hurt him by some motive. He wants to find out what made Anika get away from him. He announces his marriage with Ragini, so that Anika comes back to him and tells the truth.



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