Sawan Milan celebrations next in Yeh Rishta…


Sawan Utsav is celebrated in Goenka house. Singhanias are also part of the celebration. Naira and Kartik celebrate the Saawan. They have fun sitting on the swing. Kartik sticks around Naira and romances. Naira challenges him to apply her name in mehendi on his hand. Kartik accepts the challenge and asks her to apply mehendi as well. Naira does not like applying mehendi. She asks Kartik to drop the challenge. Dadi gets a gift for Singhanias. There is much happiness. Dadi says its mehendi leaves and suhaag bangles.

Baisa does not like the bangles, and tell Dadi that bangles should be of glass. Dadi says I have got this by my choice I have asked a relative about it. Naira manages the situation and tells Dadi that she likes the bangles a lot. Dadi applies mehendi to Naira. Naira hugs Dadi and thanks her. Kartik shows Naira’s name written by mehendi to Naksh. Bhabhimaa and Dadi feed Naira and Kirti, and apply mehendi to them. Everyone try to make Kirti feel happy. Kirti likes the Sawan function.


Suwarna is worried for her past. Suwarna collides with Gayu. Suwarna drops the shagun things. Dadi asks Suwarna what happened to her, she dropped shagun things down. Suwarna says I m fine. Suwarna is hiding a big secret, and also her true intentions behind hiding the truth will be revealed. Suwarna gets a call and receives a parcel. She hides the parcel. Naira finds Suwarna disturbed. She tries to find the reason behind it. Suwarna’s son will be entering the house, bringing twists in Sawan utsav.

Baisa tells Kirti that good will happen her soon. She shows sympathy to Kirti. Dadi scolds Baisa for making Kirti sad. Baisa asks is it wrong to say good to anyone. Dadi says Kirti will not marry anyone like that, the guy who gets her will be lucky. Baisa and Dadi get into an argument. They both are right on their front. Kirti tries to stop them. Dadi takes the challenge to get Kirti married soon. Naira also tries to end the misunderstanding. Dadi asks Naira not to talk in between elders. Singhanias get annoyed and leave from Goenka house.


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