Shweta to insult Neela in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni does not have everything fine between them. The family celebrates Avni’s birthday in a musical way. Avni’s birthday celebrations were going on well. Neela became part of the party. She did not know Shweta planned to insult her. Shweta raises questions on Neela’s character. She asks him why did her marriage not work. Neela answers cleverly and tells how Diksha created the troubles in her marriage. Bebe asks Shweta to stop it and supports Avni. Neela gets emotionally hurt when Shweta asks bitter questions about her past. Neela manages the situation. Shweta passes taunts on Neela.

Shweta gets old things out and remind her the past. She says you were Ashish’s ex wife, you did not tell about Avni, there was a second woman in Ashish’s life. Shweta’s drama spoils the happiness. Avni tries to defend Neela. She says this is not needed now. Shweta asks why, how can you interfere between two elders, did your mum not teach this to you. Avni could not tolerate Neela’s insult. Neela asks Avni not to talk in between and keep her relations with inlaws better. Neil feels sorry for Shweta’s drama. Neela apologizes to Shweta and Bebe. She makes a leave silently.


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