Amol to commit suicide in Naamkarann


After Avni’s birthday celebrations, Avni receives a shocking news. Amol has drunk poison to end his life. Amol does not value his life. He hates himself for becoming a reason of Aisha’s death. Avni gets a huge shock on knowing about Riya and Amol’s fight. Neil, Riya and Avni take Amol to the hospital. Riya and Amol had a fight over Dayavanti. Riya feels guilty for Amol’s state. Riya says I should have not said bitter things to him in anger, but trust me I did not wish him to do such a thing. Neil consoles Avni. Doctor treats Amol and asks them to inform police. Neil finds Avni much worried.

Avni has risked her life to reform her brother. She does not want to lose Amol. Ali comes there and consoles Avni. He assures nothing will happen to Amol. He opens arms for hugging Avni. Avni hugs Neil and cries out her pain. Ali gets a shock seeing Avni running to Neil. Ali feels Avni loves Neil, while Neil thinks Avni loves Ali. Neil loves Avni and is not able to tell her. Amol gets much depressed. His will power to live got finished. Avni meets Amol to revive his self will and accept the truth. Amol comes out of danger. Avni supports Amol.


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