Cake holi and pool party next in Ishqbaaz


Ishqbaaz will bring a romance and love package. After the cake holi, the Ishqbaazs’ will be seen having a pool party. The girls run away from the boys after the cake smearing. Anika falls in Shivay’s arms. They have an eyelock. Ragini comes there and gets jealous seeing them. Gauri acts and pushes Anika towards Shivay. She acts of neck sprain. Bhavya then acts of foot sprain. Anika realizes their plan and says even I have got foot sprain. Dadi orders her grandsons to lift their partners and take them to the room. The girls fool them and push the boys inside the pool. They laugh on the boys. The brothers stay cool and swim in the pool, showing they are enjoying in the waters. Their better halves punish them for spoiling their cake. The boys wash off the smeared cake from their faces. The brothers have a Dil Bole Oberoi moment.

Later on, they see the girls enjoying the icecreams. The girls tease them and refuse to give them icecreams. Shivay and Anika have an argument. He feeds her the icecream. Shivay stays annoyed with Anika. Anika knows Shivay catches cold and allergies soon. She keeps medicine for him. Shivay looks for the medicine and sees the bottle. Anika’s hide and seek romance goes on. Shivay understands Anika has kept the bottle for him. Later, Shivay gets angry and hits on the things. His hand gets injured. Anika feels sorry that she has made him jealous to the limit that he has injured himself in anger. She gets crying and does the aid to his hand. Shivay yells on her and asks her to stay away from him. He leaves from the room. Anika realizes he still loves her a lot.


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