Naira saves Kirti from an immoral alliance in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi takes a pledge to get Kirti married before Sawan ends. Kirti gets a proposal. Naira and Dadi reach the temple. They don’t come across the prospective groom and his family. Naira hears the family planning to use Kirti as the key to richness. The family wants to get related to Goenkas and talk as doing a favor on Kirti by accepting her. Naira understands the family wants to take huge dowry to accept a divorcee. She realizes their true intentions and exposes them in front of Dadi.

Naira informs everything to Dadi. Dadi then meets the family. She says so you want money, not the girl. She takes class of the greedy family. Naira tells Dadi that we should not get in pressure if Kirti is divorcee, we should refuse to them. Dadi refuses for the alliance. Naira tells Dadi that Kirti will get someone better. She asks Dadi not to feel hurt. They hide the matter from Kirti, so that she does not get hurt. Kirti gets hint of the matter and asks Dadi not to take tension of anything. Naksh and Bhabhimaa also come to the temple, and meet Naira, Dadi and Kirti. They learn the problem going on. Kirti does not want her family to suffer again. Naira gets proved as an ideal bahu. Dadi blesses Naira.


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