Nikhil’s entry to upset Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya gets a surprise when she meets her college friend Nikhil. She introduces Nikhil to Adi. Aaliya feels upset on getting cornered. Aaliya and Nikhil sit chatting, leaving Adi somewhere. Ishita and Ruhi discuss the problem troubling Pihu. Ruhi cheers up Ishita, relieving her worries. Ishita tells about Adi and Aaliya enjoying at the pub. Adi makes a sad face and hears Aaliya and Nikhil’s conversation. Nikhil gets much drunk. Adi and Aaliya help him out. Pihu gets punished at school for carrying a mobile. PRuhi gets to see Pihu crying. Pihu tells Ruhi how the students are troubling her. Ruhi goes to talk to her teacher. Ruhi proves that the mobile is not of Pihu. Ruhi understands a girl is intentionally troubling Pihu.

Ishita explains Raman to support Shagun, felicitating her will work good for both Shagun and Raman. Raman and Mrs. Bhalla do not like the idea. Kiran and Raman offer lift to Bala. Bala asks Kiran not to go in wrong direction. Kiran gets flirting with Bala. Bala indirectly asks her to stay in her limits. Adi gets a shock seeing Aaliya and Nikhil’s friendship. Adi asks Nikhil to leave, he has to take Aaliya out. Nikhil’s carefree attitude angers Adi. Aaliya keeps praising Nikhil. Adi does not like hearing more. Ishita meets Shagun and offers to award her for her NGO work. Shagun does not like to receive any award. Ishita and Mani convince her. Shagun agrees to come in Raman’s launch event.


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