High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Neil and Avni have an argument. Avni asks him why was he keeping an eye on Ali and her. He asks her not to doubt on Mitali and him, atleast they don’t dance close. He says I m your husband and can dance with him. She calls him mad to doubt on Ali. They stop talking. Avni comes up with an idea. Avni performs on a romantic song. Neil gets surprised and thinks if he is dreaming. Avni dances with Neil. Avni has growing feelings for Neil. He repairs his bike and kids come to him. Neil plays with the little kids in the rain. Avni stares at him. Neil sees Avni staring and teases her. Neil smirks seeing her. She gets shy and runs away.

Chandrakanta: Maharaj Jai Singh announces Chandrakanta’s marriage with Kroor Singh, shocking her. Maharaj says very soon they will be tied in the marriage bond. Virendra tries reaching her, with the belief that none can separate Chandrakanta from him. Chandrakanta gets to know Virendra has come to take her and is waiting outside the palace. She fears he is not fine. She runs out of the palace while Nazim spots her. Kroor Singh stops Chandrakanta.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika does an ideal bahu act and does aarti of Piyush. Piyush and his family get a surprise. Piyush can’t believe Dipika. Dipika takes all responsibility on her shoulders. She does all shagun things. She is doing bahu duties. Piyush’s dad stops him from having cheese sandwich. He asks Dipika to make Piyush lose weight. She gives him fruits. Piyush gets angry seeing her having the sandwich. He says I will start dieting from today, I did not had company before, now Dipika will support me. He asks her to have dieting along with him. He makes her keep the sandwich. Dipika and Piyush get into an argument.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren serves the bhoj to poor people. Pooja realizes the kheer has poison. Pooja stops Naren from having the kheer. She saves everyone. Pooja then faints.

Mere Angne Mein:
Shanti calls someone as Aarti’s first husband Ajay. Aarti thinks Ajay has really come and recalls all the tortures. Shanti asks the man to take away Aarti. Aarti was avoiding everything. She did not wish Shanti to meet Ajay. She sees the man and tells Shanti that this is not Ajay. Shanti asks then who was her husband. Aarti thinks if Ajay knows about her marriage, if he gets defamed, he can kill himself. Aarti loves Ajay and does not wish bad for him. She recalls Ajay’s threatening.

Choudhary gets back to the haveli. He welcomes Rangeela has his rightful heir. He asks Rangeela to stay in the haveli as his son, not any Ghulaam. Veer and Gulguli get a huge shock. Rangeela will be making the women stand against Veer’s tortures.


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