Bhaiya ji longs for a happy united family in Udaan


Bhaiya ji has got fine mentally. He requests Tejaswini to come back in the haveli as the rightful owner. She thinks he is doing a drama. She can’t believe he has changed so much. He tells her that he remembers the time when he has lost his mental balance, just Tejaswini was true to him and did a wife’s duty. Tejaswini refuses to believe him, and takes some time. Bhaiya ji takes dinner alone. He misses all of his family members. He sits alone and realizes he has no one with him. He imagines his entire family dining with him and having a laughter. He goes to meet Tejaswini in the village. He has changed a lot and tells her to come with him, as he wants his son, bahu and family. He says I have realized everyone has a happy family except me, I want my complete family. He asks Chakor and Suraj to come to haveli with him. He says we will all be happy together.

Tejaswini says if I come back with you on your request, can Suraj forgive you for your mistakes. Bhaiya ji asks her if she will come back if Suraj forgives him. Tejaswini agrees to come with him if Suraj forgets the past and forgives him. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to forgive him, if he wants his mum to get back her real place. He welcomes Suraj, Chakor and Tejaswini back in his life. He was never true to any of his relations. Its tough for anyone to believe him. Suraj does not know whether believing Bhaiya ji will be fruitful or a disaster for everyone.


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