Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer and Sanjana’s mehendi ceremony will be seen. Anjali becomes part of the celebration. She decides mehendi design for Sanjana. Roshni returns the saree and jewelry to Simar. Simar asks Roshni what changed in one night that she can’t accept a gift from her. Roshni keeps the gifts. Piyush got to know Roshni is working as maid in Bharadwaj house. Piyush asks Roshni to leave work. Meanwhile, Sameer gets a shock when a friend gives him a surprise. Sameer is hiding some secret, which his friend will be revealing.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni loves Parth. She becomes Mastani to confess her love to Parth. Teni and Shorvori perform on Pinga song. Teni plans all this to show that she is Mastani in Parth’s life. Parth does not understand Teni. Shorvori understands what Teni means to say. Shorvori doubts that Teni has fallen in love with Parth. She gets hints that Teni loves Parth. She finds it hard to accept this truth. She knows Teni is immature and does not think before doing anything. Shorvori tells Parth that Teni loves someone else, not Aman.



Karan is fed up by Nandkishore’s humiliating remarks. He goes to meet Sharda and lightens his heart, sharing what all he is facing. Naina supports Karan. Karan hates his life. He did not get his father’s love. He feels lonely. Nirmala cries and looks for Karan. She asks Nandkishore about Karan. He says Karan would be somewhere at home. She says I have tried finding him everywhere, he is not here. He gets worried for Karan.

The gun factory gets shut. The villagers celebrate. Bhaiya ji takes this initiative to win Tejaswini and Suraj. Chakor burns the gun crates. Chakor happily gives sweets to the villagers. Suraj gets heartbroken seeing Chakor and Ajay. Chakor offers sweets to Ajay. Suraj gets angry on her. He goes to drink. Imli stops him from drinking. Suraj gets too sensitive. Imli always cared for Suraj. She does not want Suraj and Chakor to fight. She asks him not to doubt on Chakor.


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