Dadi learns Naksh-Kirti’s bond in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Dadi waits for the prospective groom’s family. Kirti and Naksh do the aarti together. Naira wishes Kirti and Naksh’s lives get happiness which they deserve. Naira learns about a greedy family. She finds their thinking cheap. She gets a shock on knowing that family came for Kirti’s alliance. Naira tells Dadi about the family. She proves the family’s truth, by asking them to keep marriage simple with limited things. She tells them that Goenkas will not give any dowry to them. The family loses interest in the alliance.

Dadi understands their real intentions. Naira asks Dadi not to hurry for the alliance, as another mistake can totally break Kirti. She does not want to make Dadi feel guilty. She understands Dadi’s emotions are true, but her step to win the challenge is wrong. She asks Dadi not to risk Kirti’s future. She wants to find a true life partner for Kirti. Dadi consoles Kirti. Naksh helps out Kirti as a friend. Naksh cares for Kirti, which impresses Dadi. Naksh’s true concern for Kirti wins Kirti’s heart. Dadi realizes Naksh is ideal for Kirti.


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