High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika and Piyush start fighting. Piyush asks Dipika to stop her drama. She angers him more. She enjoys troubling him. She asks him to get habitual to her now, as they have to stay together for 60 years. She hopes their cute fights turn into love. Piyush threatens to kick her out of the house. Kunal comes to ask about their fight. Piyush acts happy. Dipika asks him to tell what’s his problem. Piyush hides the matter.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Mukhi came to drop Aru to her Maayka. Aru’s brother’s child’s Naamkaran happens. Aru’s dad asks Mukhi to be part of the function. Mukhi becomes part of the ceremony. Mukhi is bowled over by Aru’s beauty. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Aru hides from him and teases. Mukhi looks for her. Aru comes to him. They get speechless and have a talk via eyes. Mukhi could not confess his love to Aru.



Rudra gets trapped in the wires while working in the gym. He shouts for help. Omkara comes to help him, but fails. Bhavya comes there to help. Rudra refuses to take her help. She does not listen to him and removes the wires to free him. Rudra and Bhavya are coming close. They have a romantic moment. Anika and Shivay make the plan to trap Rudra in a problem. Bhavya helps out Rudra. Anika says this was my idea to cut the wires and trap Rudra in his gym. Shivay says gym idea was mine. They both argue. Anika says it was my plan and it worked out. Shivay says I succeeded to make them patch up. Anika says they both met like hero and heroine, there was much romance between them.


Rangeela was blind by his loyalty. He then realized his mistake and initiated a fight with his master Veer. He sticks to his mother’s principles. He takes a stand for women respect. He rebels against Veer. Rangeela and Shivani’s efforts pay off. They teach pot making to the women. Shivani wants to make women earn their living and become independent. The women find ease in living their life their way.


Bhaiya ji has got fine mentally. He requests Tejaswini to come back in the haveli as the rightful owner. She thinks he is doing a drama. She can’t believe he has changed so much. He tells her that he remembers the time when he has lost his mental balance, just Tejaswini was true to him and did a wife’s duty. Tejaswini refuses to believe him, and takes some time. Bhaiya ji takes dinner alone. He misses all of his family members. He sits alone and realizes he has no one with him. He imagines his entire family dining with him and having a laughter. He goes to meet Tejaswini in the village.


Sameera had taken the recording from Jaggi. She was thinking none can proof that she has killed Ricky. She asks the family to name the property to her. Ricky’s entry shocks her. Sameera admits the truth seeing her. Ricky apologizes to Gopi for his mistakes. Ricky has got Gopi and Kokila home. Ricky says my mistakes won’t be forgotten if I apologize, but I truly regret. Ricky hugs Gopi. Sameera scolds him. Ricky says you were wrong that I died, it was your illusion.


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