Karan to leave home in Swabhimaan


Karan is fed up by Nandkishore’s humiliating remarks. He goes to meet Sharda and lightens his heart, sharing what all he is facing. Naina supports Karan. Karan hates his life. He did not get his father’s love. He feels lonely. Nirmala cries and looks for Karan. She asks Nandkishore about Karan. He says Karan would be somewhere at home. She says I have tried finding him everywhere, he is not here. He says go and find him well. He gets worried for Karan.

Nirmala knows just Nandkishore can find Karan. She accuses Nandkishore for demotivating Karan always. She says its your responsibility to get Karan back home, Karan did not get anything else than taunts in this house, he has gone away from us because of your hatred. Nandkishore loves Karan and thinks to get Karan back. Sharda and Naina try to convince Karan to return home.



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