Roshni gets suspicious of Sameer in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer and Sanjana’s mehendi ceremony will be seen. Anjali becomes part of the celebration. She decides mehendi design for Sanjana. Roshni returns the saree and jewelry to Simar. Simar asks Roshni what changed in one night that she can’t accept a gift from her. Roshni keeps the gifts. Piyush got to know Roshni is working as maid in Bharadwaj house. Piyush asks Roshni to leave work. Roshni tells Simar that she can’t work against Piyush’s will, as Piyush has left the house for her, now it her her duty to keep his heart. Piyush made Roshni return all the things to Simar.

Ananya has troubled Roshni. Meanwhile, Sameer gets a shock when a friend gives him a surprise. His friend says Sameer did not invite me in his marriage, but I have come on my own. Sameer gets a sudden work. She tells everyone that he has to leave urgently. Anjali makes excuse of going to the temple. She tells Simar that she had kept a mannat for Sanjana’s marriage, she will quickly go and come back soon. Roshni feels something is fishy, Sameer has left from the house and even Anjali followed. She also makes an excuse and follows them, to find Anjali and Sameer’s plans. She wants to save Sanjana, if there is anything wrong happening. Sameer is hiding some secret, which his friend will be revealing.


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