Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Aarambh: Devsena has proved her prowess in the battle organized to test the best of warrior skills in Dravid Rajya. None could stand up close to Devsena’s skills. She has been trained for the battles since her childhood. She holds anger and hatred for Varundev, who is responsible for her dad’s death. She had to helplessly kill her dad Aravamudan, after Varundev sympathized with him in the war grounds, feeding him the water, which has cost his life. Devsena now wants just revenge from Aryavarth. Hahumaa declares a one on one war, to prevent more destruction for both the armies. Aryavarth and Dravid Rajya agree for the single man battle, only to reach the conclusion sooner.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti does not want to accept Aarti as Shivam’s wife. The family starts behaving like Aarti is some alien. They boycott Aarti as someone impure. Kaushalya, Preeti and Pari hate Aarti. Kaushalya does not want her divorcee son to marry any divorcee. He asks Shivam to leave Aarti, so that she can find any unmarried girl for him. Shivam gets fed up of Kaushalya’s unfulfilling dreams and leaves home. Shanti and Aarti too want Shivam to break the marriage. Aarti does not want to stay with the family. She still stays dedicated to her first husband Ajay. Aarti’s dilemma is understood by Raghav. He is the sole person supporting her in Shanti Sadan.


Ricky has started puja prayers. He has turned into an ideal son. He keeps all the traditions of the Modi family. Ricky asks everyone if he can chant the Gayatri mantra, if he does any mistake, Kokila can correct him. Ricky chants the mantra. Gopi gives him prasad. Ricky says now your tears will end, just happiness will come in your life. Ricky has changed completed. Everyone gets happy. Ricky apologizes to everyone for all the troubles they faced because of him. He apologizes to Sita for hurting her so much. He has done much bad with her, even then Sita has saved his life. All gets well for Modis.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
KaiRa have retro romance. Kartik gets annoyed with Naira. Naira took the cake to Suwarna, which makes Kartik fight with Naira. He does not meet her before going office. Naira meets him in his office. Kartik dislikes Suwarna. He knows if Naira does not listen to him, their fight will go on. Naira apologizes to Kartik. She convinces him by singing an old time favorite song. They always have sweet moments between them.

Omkara gets mesmerized by Gauri. Omkara and Gauri come close. Omkara helps her out in getting ready. Anika gets a new mobile gifted by Shivay. He sends an apology note. Anika hugs the note and gift. Bhavya borrows Rudra’s phone for making an urgent call. Rudra argues with her, that this phone, house and family belongs to him. He allows her to make the call. Rudra stays annoyed with her. Bhavya’s mission is still incomplete. She wants to find the locket and thinks its present in Oberoi mansion. Rudra does not remember where he dropped the locket. He tells her that he gifted the locket to his friend, who was shot at the resort. Rudra presents a gift to Bhavya. Khanna gets the eggs basket for Bhavya. Bhavya feels sad to cheat Rudra. She smiles seeing Rudra’s gesture.


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