High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Piyaa Albela: Pooja fails Guru ji’s plans by consuming the poisoned kheer, made by her. She did not wish Naren or the innocent kids to get affected by Guru ji’s misdeed. Pooja faints in Naren’s arms, leaving the family shocked. Naren calls for the doctor. Pooja soon recovers. Pooja gets more alert of Guru ji’s games. Naren gets shagun mehendi applied, along with Surbhi. Mami creates a scene and accuses Naren’s family for stealing her jewelry. Naren and his family get angry. Naren and Pooja will be seen coming closer. Naren gets jealous seeing Pooja with her fiance Anand.

Mere Angne Mein: Amit finds out Aarti’s husband Ajay. Shanti, Kaushalya and Amit meet Ajay to know about Aarti’s failed marriage. They ask him about Aarti. Ajay speaks ill about Aarti. He says she had an affair with many men, I was mad seeing her bad character, she did wrong with me, she got all her lovers and made them beat me, I was so insulted that I had to leave from the locality, even then I told her that I love her a lot, we will start a new life, but she did not had to listen to me, she gave me divorce papers. He says she forced me to sign divorce paper.

Arjun gets death punishment for Maya’s murder. Saanjh and Ayaan get a huge shock. Arjun’s life got ruined because of Maya. The show will take a short leap.

Raj learns about Simran. He scolds Mannu for hiding such a big truth. He asks Mannu why did she cheat him, she does not deserve to be called even his enemy. Simran’s existence truth has come out in front of everyone. Mohini tries using Simran to make Mannu and Raj separated. Mannu does not agree to Mohini to sign on the divorce papers. Raj will be helping out Mannu and Rohan in securing Simran. Rain romance between Raj and Preet/Mannu will be seen. Mannu sees Raj sleeping and splashes water on him. Raj runs after her to throw water on her. Mannu confesses her love to Raj. She teases him to make him confess his love. Raj has promised Amrit that he will never break his marriage with Mannu.

Woh Apna Sa:

Aditya has been hiding about his mum, by getting scared of Nisha. Jhanvi thinks to help Aditya. Nisha gets his mum home to get high in everyone’s eyes. Everyone gets preparing to celebrate birthday of Aditya’s mum. Jhanvi comes there and blames Nisha for kidnapping her mum and sister. Nisha makes Jhanvi talk to her sister Surbhi and proves her wrong. Surbhi says we are at home, and fine. Nisha says Jhanvi always lies and tries to prove I m bad. She questions Jhanvi why is she creating problems. Nisha asks Jhanvi why does she get after Aditya, when will she leave Aditya, what does she want, money or property. Kakasa asks Jhanvi why does she run to help Aditya always.

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar teaches cooking to Sanjana. She shows how to make round rotis. Simar and Mata ji ask Sanjana to get their good values and keep Sameer happy. Anjali also gives tips to Sanjana. Anjali gets colorful bangles for Sanjana.She makes Sanjana ready. Sanjana is happy that Anjali has finally accepted the changes. Sisters’ love make Simar emotional. Anjali will be marrying Sameer at the temple.


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