Jhanvi to declare her love for Aditya in Woh Apna Sa


Aditya has been hiding about his mum, by getting scared of Nisha. Jhanvi thinks to help Aditya. Nisha gets his mum home to get high in everyone’s eyes. Everyone gets preparing to celebrate birthday of Aditya’s mum. Jhanvi comes there and blames Nisha for kidnapping her mum and sister. Nisha makes Jhanvi talk to her sister Surbhi and proves her wrong. Surbhi says we are at home, and fine. Nisha says Jhanvi always lies and tries to prove I m bad. She questions Jhanvi why is she creating problems. Nisha asks Jhanvi why does she get after Aditya, when will she leave Aditya, what does she want, money or property. Kakasa asks Jhanvi why does she run to help Aditya always.

Jhanvi confesses her love for Aditya in front of everyone. She says its because I love Aditya. Nisha sees Aditya and gets angry. Kakasa calls Nisha to meet him. He angrily keeps knife at Nisha’s neck. He asks Nisha why did she get Aditya’s mum’s home. Kakasa also wants to kill Aditya’s dad and take his property. Kakasa has been helping Nisha secretly till now. Kakasa does not want anyone else to claim the property. Kakasa has fooled Aditya till now and wants to get everything to himself.


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