Naren to soon confess love in Piyaa Albela


Pooja fails Guru ji’s plans by consuming the poisoned kheer, made by her. She did not wish Naren or the innocent kids to get affected by Guru ji’s misdeed. Pooja faints in Naren’s arms, leaving the family shocked. Naren calls for the doctor. Pooja soon recovers. Pooja gets more alert of Guru ji’s games. Naren gets shagun mehendi applied, along with Surbhi. Mami creates a scene and accuses Naren’s family for stealing her jewelry. Naren and his family get angry. Naren and Pooja will be seen coming closer. Naren gets jealous seeing Pooja with her fiance Anand.

Pooja loves Naren, but wants to keep him away for his family’s happiness. Anand has thrown the cocktail party. Naren becomes part of the party along with Surbhi. Naren has promised Pooja that he will come in every function of her marriage. Pooja does work in the party. Naren cancels his cocktail party and donates the money in an orphanage. Naren goes lost in Pooja’s memories. Naren realizes there is something different. He is not happy with the series of incidents happenings. Pooja dances with Anand, while Naren dances with Surbhi. Naren will be accepting his feelings soon.


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