Shocking twist to break Sanjana’s heart in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar teaches cooking to Sanjana. She shows how to make round rotis. Simar and Mata ji ask Sanjana to get their good values and keep Sameer happy. Anjali also gives tips to Sanjana. Anjali gets colorful bangles for Sanjana. She makes Sanjana ready. Sanjana is happy that Anjali has finally accepted the changes. Sisters’ love make Simar emotional. Anjali will be marrying Sameer at the temple.

Later on, Sameer and Anjali come home. They hide about their marriage. Sanjana gets ready as the bride, excited to marry Sameer. Anjali takes her to the mandap, becoming part of her happiness Sameer and Sanjana sit in the mandap to get married. Simar does the kanyadaan. Sameer and Sanjana take the wedding rounds. They get married by all rituals. Simar gets doubt on him seeing the Mauli tied to his hand. Sameer lies that he has gone to temple to do a puja as per his family traditions. Everyone is happy for Sameer and Sanjana. Sameer will be seen married to both Anjali and Sanjana. Anjali hides about her marriage, by some intention. Sanjana does not know about this deceive. Sanjana will be heartbroken by Sameer and Anjali’s cheat.


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