Advay to hunt for mysterious blackmailer in Iss Pyaar ko 3


Advay does not lose by Chandni. He plans to strike again. Advay’s brother is raised by a childhood couple. He gets much love by his foster parents. Advay misses his brother. Indrani believes Chandni can’t do anything wrong. She doubts on Advay. Chandni gets to know Advay’s details. She gets into a dilemma.

He enters Indrani’s home and does drama to present the guy printing the bad posters of Chandni and him. Advay wins Indrani’s trust. Advay apologizes to Chandni for not stopping the incident from happening. Advay beats up the guy and makes him lie to Indrani. Indrani thanks him. She does not want anything such to happen again. She warns Advay to be away from Chandni. Indrani observes Advay. He tries to scare Indrani by mentioning the old incident. Advay uses her maid to blackmail her. Advay knows someone else is also blackmailing Indrani. Indrani asks the maid to workout his plan. Indrani gets a threatening note from Advay. He demands a big amount. Advay realizes someone knows the truth of bitter incident. Advay hunts for the blackmailer, who could tell him all the culprits involved in his parents’ death.


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