High Five Spoilers

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Maya will be going bald post leap. Maya gets her head shaved off and sits for a puja. She sacrifices her hair to get peace. Her shuddi karan is done. She is given bath by the milk. Maya is repenting for her sins. Maya knows she has done such things in the past which she should have not done. Maya regrets to lose her child. She bonds with the ashram kids.

Chandrakanta and Virendra have a romantic moment. Virendra does not want her to leave so soon. They have met after a long time. They are very happy to meet. They start having nok jhok. Virendra asks Chandrakanta where will she find such a guy like Kroor Singh. He teases her about Kroor Singh. He says Kroor Singh and you have a good chemistry, he has great hair, he has charm, attitude and style. She gets annoyed with him and says fine, I will go to Kroor Singh. Virendra stops her. Virendra confesses love to Chandrakanta. They have a talk and think how to deal with the problems. He says I will go to Maharaj and find out what’s happening, then I will come back and you can’t make any excuses to get away.


Rangeela makes a big announcement. Rangeela and Shivani are very happy. They have failed Veer. They all celebrate at home and dance. Rangeela confesses love to Shivani. They have a romantic dance. Shivani gets too glad. He says when I saw you for the first time, I fell in love with you, but you have made my realize my feelings. Shivani was waiting for him to accept her as his wife. He says I m lucky to get you, I want to remarry you and make you my wife. Shivani gets emotional and sheds tears. He says you were my husband and will always be my husband, I had belief in you since the beginning of our relation. Rangeela’s mum blesses them. Shivani and Rangeela have a hug.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja and Naren’s marriage day finally arrives. They are going to marry their respective partners. Both the couples get ready to head to the mandaps. Pooja gets a shocking news about her groom’s death. Everyone gets a shock when either of the grooms Naren and Anand will be dying. Naren was attacked by his enemies, while Anand gets killed. Pooja’s life gets ruined. Naren marries Pooja to save her from troubles.


Jagan gets a huge shock seeing Simran alive. He asks Amba how did she hide this big thing from everyone till now. He asks panchayat to punish Amba for her second big lie. Mannu says Amba has lied to save Simran’s life from Bajwas. Jagan says enough of Amba’s lies now. He asks Mannu to go to her inlaws and stop interfering in his house matters. He is fed up seeing Amba and her daughters’ drama. Mannu cries and wants to help Amba. Amba shouts to Mannu to help her.


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