Anjali’s wicked side gets known in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali’s truth comes out. The family gets a shock and scold Anjali badly. Anjali reveals everything to them and does not regret to anything. Roshni brings Anjali and Sameer’s cheat out. Roshni shows the video to everyone and says this video is truth, its not any joke, Anjali and Sameer got married in the temple. Anjali says I new about this video, I could have changed the video if I wanted, but I wanted everyone to see this video, I m Sameer’s first wife, Sanjana is second wife, she is my Sautan.

Sameer tells Sanjana that he came here for a motive, which is completed now. He says I did not know Aarav will invest in my company without thinking well, he is such a fool, its not my fault, he has trusted me, I was finding a big opportunity. He has taken Mata ji’s signatures and got big amount from the family’s side for Aarav’s business. Mata ji gets angry knowing Sameer’s truth and slaps him.

Simar scolds Anjali. Anjali says this is not my mistake, its my victory, you should be proud of me. Simar asks her to shut up and slaps Anjali. Sameer does not care as he got Bharadwaj’s family. He is happy to become owner of everything. Anjali makes fun of her family, who could not know this fraud guy, they are such fools. Anjali pushes Mata ji and asks them to leave from the house. She says you all did wrong with me always, I will do this now, pack the bags in one hour and leave from my house. Sameer and Anjali’s plan succeeded. They kick out the family from the house.


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