Baisa gets against Naksh-Kirti’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi talks to Singhanias about Naksh and Kirti’s alliance. Dadi takes Kirti’s nod for the relation before talking to Naksh. Dadi realizes both Naksh and Kirti understand each other well. Dadi is glad when Kirti gives her approval and really wishes to move on in life. Naksh respects Kirti’s decision to marry him, and does not wish to break her heart. Naksh agrees to marry Kirti, knowing they both are going through the same phase. Naksh cares for Kirti. Singhania family is ready for accepting Kirti for Naksh. Baisa does not like Goenkas’ alliance. She asks them not to get Naksh and Kirti married. Naksh tells his decision of marrying Kirti. He asks Baisa not to think anything wrong, as he has thought well to take the decision.

Singhanias think to take the matter ahead. Baisa feels the relation is not fine, her heart is not agreeing, something wrong will happen if this marriage happens. She asks Naitik to go and refuse to Goenkas before Naksh decides something. She does not want Naksh’s marriage to happen in Naira’s inlaws. She fears Naksh’s marriage won’t work. She asks Naksh what’s in his heart. Naksh swears on Dadda ji that he has decided to marry Kirti on his own, and really wants to give his life a second chance. Naira fears Naksh and Kirti’s alliance will break because of Baisa.


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