Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Soumya does the puja of Mata Rani. Seeing her devotion, the other kinners also join the puja. Soumya is in Tarana avatar. She does the aarti. A kinner says you have become a wife and bahu, I wish to have a fate like you. Another kinner gets good news of a big party where they can go and get nek. They all get a chance to go to haveli. They ask Soumya to get ready as well. Saaya blesses Soumya. Everyone is trying to give freedom to Soumya and make her feel like home. The kinners see Soumya sad in her room and ask her her story, how is her husband, how is married life. Soumya thinks of Harman and misses him. She prays to Lord to get strength to stick to her decision.

CM comes in the Teej puja and tries to talk to Sharda. He wanted to apologize to Sharda. Meghna gets angry and slaps CM. Media covers the issue. CM’s guards aim pistol at Meghna. Kunal moves the guards and says no one will do anything. Dada ji asks Meghna what is this misbehavior. He apologizes to CM. Dada ji and Kunal try to manage the situation. Kunal takes Meghna with him.


Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali’s truth comes out. The family gets a shock and scold Anjali badly. Anjali reveals everything to them and does not regret to anything. Roshni brings Anjali and Sameer’s cheat out. Roshni shows the video to everyone and says this video is truth, its not any joke, Anjali and Sameer got married in the temple. Anjali says I new about this video, I could have changed the video if I wanted, but I wanted everyone to see this video, I m Sameer’s first wife, Sanjana is second wife, she is my Sautan.


Chakor’s lies have given hope to Ajay. Ajay and Suraj had a fight. Suraj gets arrested. Chakor gets worried for him. She meets him in police station. Suraj says you want a chance to scold me, your lover boy started the fight and pushed me first, its not my mistake. Chakor meets Ajay and tries to clear the matter. Suraj says you should ask me the matter, I came here to tell Ajay the truth of our relation, Ajay is not ready to understand, he thinks he is hero.


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