Kamini conspires against Priyanka in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay understand that Omkara and Rudra have set a date for them. Anika does not want to waste their efforts. She sits to have some food. Shivay gives her lecture on etiquettes. Anika gets angry on him for always remarking her. She asks him not to say anything after all he has broke the relation. He tells her that she wanted to break the relation. He asks her how could she do all those bad things to his family, and left him. Anika too remembers her insult. Shivay asks her how did she change in a day and break their relation. She counts all her favors on his family and asks him why does he just remember the bad day. They end up arguing. Anika challenges him. Shivay breaks open the door and leaves from the storeroom.

Gauri gets unwell because of her paint allergy. Anika asks Shivay to use this as chance to bring Omkara and Gauri together. They try to patch them up. Omkara takes care of Gauri, and helps her. Omkara and Gauri have a moment. He does not want Gauri to fall ill.

Priyanka complains Ranveer about the paint expelling from shower tap. She blames Kamini for planning against her. Ranveer gets angry on her. Kamini calls Priyanka going mad. Kamini asks Ranveer to take some step for Priyanka’s betterment. Ranveer does not believe Priyanka is mad. He wants to make Priyanka’s stay comfortable. Ranveer gifts a necklace to Priyanka. She gets a moment of happiness. She explains him she is not mad. She asks him to trust her. Ranveer shows trust in her. Priyanka asks him to just support her. Ranveer assures his support. Kamini plans to send Ranveer away from home by some excuse. Priyanka does not want Ranveer to go. Ranveer agrees to leave. Kamini lays a trap to prove Priyanka mad.


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