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    Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

    Naamkarann: Aman saves Avni from the big problem. Aman tears the invitation card and stops Avni’s house from breaking. Bebe does not see Riya’s name with Neil. Aman confronts Riya for her move. He asks her not to do anything bad with Avni, as Neil and Avni gave them a roof over their head. Aman warns Riya against harming Avni.

    Avni tells Neela how Neil supported her and brought Aman and Riya home. Neela praises Neil. Neela asks Avni to stay in Neil’s house and keep the promise to Bebe. She asks Avni to join the broken relations of Shweta and Bebe. Avni tries to show Shweta’s goodness to Bebe. She does not know Shweta is planning against her. Neela knows Avni is true and values relations. Avni decides to thank Neil by joining his family.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi tries to comfort Pihu. She tells Riya’s story. She asks Pihu to help Riya, as she needs a friend. Pihu realizes everyone needs a friend. She tries to bring Riya and Pihu closer. Pihu takes a step to get friendly with Riya. Riya does not accept her friendship. She has much loneliness and bitterness in heart. Raman is angry as elders have spoiled things a lot. He is thankful to Kiran for managing everything. Raman wants to get Bala and Kiran married. Ishita and Mrs. Iyer get against the alliance. They get hurt that Bala wants to move on, and forgotten Vandu so soon. Raman convinces Ishita to look after Bala’s happiness. He asks her to give a chance to Kiran. Ishita does not know if Kiran can become mum of Vandu’s children. She wants Kiran to understand children.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Advay recalls his bitter memories with Chandni, while she cherishes the moments with him. She waits to get some answer from Dev. Chandni lights a chinese lantern and leaves in the sky. Advay gets angry seeing that. Advay plans to enter Indrani’s house. Chandni spends some time with her sisters. Advay calls Veer, who identifies his voice. He reminds Advay about their meet. Advay orders sweets from his store. Advay does not get interested in his talk. Indrani wants the treasure at any cost. She tries to limit her enemy from destructing her.


    Shivay and Anika have a moment, while Ragini’s fake fall spoils the fun. Shivay runs to help out Ragini. Ragini frames Anika and says the kada has made her ill. She asks Anika what did she feed her as kada. Anika calls Ragini strange to do this falling stunt to get Shivay’s sympathy. She asks Ragini how did she not leave her phone when she fell down the stairs. She exposes Ragini’s trick, leaving her embarrassed in front of Shivay. Gauri finds Omkara sleeping outside the tent, and gets touched by his gesture. She realizes he also loves her. Omkara hides from her that he was outside the house all night. Omkara does arrangements for Gauri’s comfort. She thanks him for all his efforts. Omkara falls for her.


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