Advay flops Indrani’s treasure chase in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Indrani doubts on a lady who was a witness in framing Kashyap family. She doubts the lady is the blackmailer. The lady asks Indrani to pay money. She blackmails Indrani. Indrani angrily kills the lady by gifting her a snake instead money. Advay has no idea about Indrani killing a lady. Advay wants to ruin Vashisht family. Indrani gets relieved. She tries to get the treasure. She gets excited for the big day of her life. Advay does not want Indrani to get treasure. Indrani is hopeful that her fate will turn good. Pandit tells them about special mantras, which Yash knows. He says only the mantras can open the door, that too when the sunlight falls over the door.

Chandni faces Advay, who taunts on her bad heart. Chandni attempts to change his opinion about her. Indrani and her family pray for opening the treasure door. They learn about heavy rain spoiling the event. Pandit fears everything will get ruined, the doors will get locked forever. Indrani justifies herself, that she has done everything for her children. She asks Lord to support her. Chandni sees her mum shattering. Advay fulfills his challenge to Chandni. He changes the weather, by showering rains with cloud seeding. Advay gets rains and makes weather cloudy, to limit the sunlight from falling on the temple door.


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