Avni walks out of Neil’s life in Naamkarann


Neil’s family insults Avni a lot. Neil explains the family that Avni is not wrong. Neil explains Bebe about Avni’s intentions. Avni decides to leave Neil’s house. She has left everything behind. She is upset as Neil did not show belief in her. Avni can’t tolerate Neil’s doubt. She reaches the railway station. Avni did not imagine she would face such situation. She wants to go much far. She boards the train and leaves. Neil and his family reach the railway station to find Avni. Shweta does not care for Avni and sits relaxed. Bebe scolds Shweta for being so irresponsible.

Bebe says we all came here to find out bahu, and Shweta is praying that we don’t get her. Shweta was playing the game and separated Neil and Avni. Neil misses to see Avni. Avni has aching heart to get away from Neil. Avni turns behind to see if anyone is there to stop her. She cries on not seeing anyone. She feels very sad. Avni is fed up of the bad happenings. She does not want to give any clarification to anyone. She does not know Neil is finding her. Neil asks DD and his staff to spread and find Avni. Neil shouts out to Avni, hoping she will come back.


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