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Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan Maha Sangam:
Bhanushali family reaches Chauhan house. Nandkishore welcomes Parth and Shorvori, and their family. Meghna and Naina invited Shorvori in the Teej fest. Kunal and Parth’s grandpa get into an argument, as they have a bitter past. Parth’s grandpa did not come to attend the function, but his wife convinces him. Everyone try to make both the elders patchup. Meghna requests them not to argue. Shorvori talks to her Dada ji. She says we are learning the morals from you, we want to know what happened in the past that broke your friendship. Meghna and Shorvori plan and keep a musical chairs game. Both the grandpas start fighting in the game as well.

Kroor Singh plans an attack on Maharaj and makes his Ayyar take Virendra’s disguise. Virendra makes a plan and asks Chandrakanta to get ready in bridal dress, as he would take her for marriage. Chandrakanta pretends to be ready for marrying Kroor Singh. They both plan and fail Kroor Singh’s plan. Kroor Singh’s truth comes out. Maharaj Jai Singh gets out of hypnotism. Virendra has broken the spell.

Avni decides to leave Neil’s house. She has left everything behind. She is upset as Neil did not show belief in her. Avni can’t tolerate Neil’s doubt. She reaches the railway station. Avni did not imagine she would face such situation. She wants to go much far. She boards the train and leaves. Neil and his family reach the railway station to find Avni. Shweta does not care for Avni and sits relaxed. Bebe scolds Shweta for being so irresponsible. Shweta was playing the game and separated Neil and Avni. Neil misses to see Avni. Avni is fed up of the bad happenings. She does not want to give any clarification to anyone. She does not know Neil is finding her. Neil asks DD and his staff to spread and find Avni. Neil shouts out to Avni, hoping she will come back.


Devanshi is kidnapped by some goons. They tie her and lock her in a godown. Devanshi struggles to get free. She acts to be unconscious in front of the goons. The goons make plan to kill her and dump her dead body. Devanshi hears their plans. She fools them and finds a way to escape.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush gets scolding by his dad again. Dipika has fallen ill because of Piyush’s mistake. Doctor checks Dipika and says she fainted because of low BP. He asks her to take care of health. Dipika’s parents also come to meet her. Dipika’s mum asks them if they have any tradition to keep fast. Piyush’s mum says no, Dipika was dieting along Piyush. Dipika’s mum tells them that Dipika has anaemia, and can’t lose weight. Dipika’s asks Piyush can’t he take care of Dipika, did he make Dipika ill while trying to lose his weight. Everyone scolds Piyush. Dipika sits to have food. The family ask Piyush to feed food to Dipika. Dipika and Piyush feed food to each other. Piyush apologizes to her.


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