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    Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi talks to the family about finding a match for Kirti. Kartik and Manish ask Dadi to fulfill Kirti’s happiness. They find Dadi adamant to show someone by hurrying about Kirti’s marriage. Dadi tells them that she did not wish bad for Kirti. Naira asks Dadi not to hurry up, Kirti’s life will get a light when she marries someone happily. Manish agrees with Naira’s opinion. Dadi tells Naira that Kirti likes Naksh. Goenkas get a shock. Dadi asks Naira can she get Naksh marry Kirti, who is a divorcee. She tests Naira, if she sticks to her ethics. Naksh comes to give Kirti a happiness plant. He hears about Kirti’s alliance for him. Dadi seeks an answer from Naira. Naira gets speechless as she does not know what will Naksh decide. Kirti tries to clear the matter. Dadi asks Kirti not to hide her feelings.


    Shivay and Omkara do not like Anika’s plan. Shivay gets angry on Anika. He does not want to trouble Rudra. Rudra screams for help on seeing an ugly spider. Anika does not let Shivay and Omkara help Rudra. Rudra shouts for help and describes the danger to Bhavya. Everyone waits for Bhavya to help out Rudra. Bhavya breaks the door and helps out Rudra. They have a romantic moment. Anika gets glad to bring them together. Rudra asks Bhavya to throw out the spider. Bhavya laughs on Rudra and leaves the spider out of the bathroom. Rudra and Bhavya fall for each other, but don’t accept.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Indrani doubts on a lady who was a witness in framing Kashyap family. She doubts the lady is the blackmailer. The lady asks Indrani to pay money. She blackmails Indrani. Indrani angrily kills the lady by gifting her a snake instead money. Advay has no idea about Indrani killing a lady. Advay wants to ruin Vashisht family. Indrani gets relieved. She tries to get the treasure. She gets excited for the big day of her life. Advay does not want Indrani to get treasure. Indrani is hopeful that her fate will turn good. Pandit tells them about special mantras, which Yash knows. He says only the mantras can open the door, that too when the sunlight falls over the door.


    Avni tries to tell Neil about her pregnancy. Neil arrests a guy who murders his girlfriend out of jealousy. Shweta and Riya make a trap for Avni. Bebe sticks to Avni to look after her. She thinks to take Avni to hospital for checkup. Avni avoids her somehow. Avni goes to meet Neil at the police station. DD tells her that Neil left for some work. Avni feels nausea. Riya meets Ali and tells him about Avn’s sickness. Ali asks Riya to manage his cafe. He goes to meet Avni. Shweta takes Bebe for shopping. Neil gets busy in the case. He does not want to spare any criminal. Riya works out her plan.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman supports Adi. He asks Adi to apologize to Aaliya and her parents. Adi gets scared to face Aaliya. Raman asks Adi not to make same mistake again. Mani stops them from meeting Aaliya. Mani asks Adi why did he slap Aaliya. Mani vents out anger on Adi and Raman. Mani asks Adi how did he forget the marriage vows. He slaps Adi to teach him a lesson. Aaliya asks Shagun why did she tell Mani about Adi’s misbehavior. Shagun wants Mani to know how Adi is badly handling Aaliya. Aaliya does not want the matter to get worse. Adi tells Mani about Aaliya and Nikhil’s relation. Raman asks them not to fight in front of everyone. Adi tells Mani and Raman about Aaliya’s over friendship with Nikhil. Mani asks Adi not to blame Aaliya. Mani beats up Adi. Raman tries to stop them. Mani beats up Raman too.


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