SSEL fame Srishti Jain to play Durga in Meri Durga


Durga achieves victory in the national running competition, but soon her happiness gets ruined when Durga gets framed in a drug case. Annapurna and Yashpal stand up for Durga, but face much humiliation. Everyone get mistaken that Durga has cheated everyone by taking steroids to ensure her victory. Durga fails to prove she is true. The villagers disrespect Durga’s family and beat them up.

Sanjay feels frustrated about Durga, and yells on her for breaking his trust. Rajveer tries to make Durga fight for justice and clear the stains on her name. Durga could not tolerate what all happened with her family, only because of her dreams coming in the way of her duties. She refuses to Rajveer’s request. Durga pledges to never run in any race in her life. She burns her sports certificates and gives up all hopes. Durga turns studious, limiting her dreams of becoming a national runner. The show will take a huge leap, where grown up Durga will be seen supporting her family. Actress Shrishti Jain will be seen as Durga, post leap. Paras Kalnawat will be playing the lead character of Sanjay Prince. The leap will be seen in today’s episode. Will Durga be able to win back villagers’s trust and gain respect for her family? Keep reading.


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