Anjali to humiliate Simar in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer and Anjali dine together. They annoy everyone. Anjali makes Sanjana her servant and insults her. The family gets miffed and dine sitting on the ground. Anjali makes Simar drop the food and scolds her. She tortures Simar and asks her to have the food fallen on the ground. She asks Simar can’t she see and walk, as Simar always gives lecture on respecting food, she should not respect food. Anjali is creating problems for them. She can’t be made out of the house now. Anjali has turned evil now. Anjali asks Simar not to insult food, food should not get waste, so you have it. Anjali is troubling everyone as they all support Sanjana.

Anjali hates Sanjana a lot. Everyone is thinking how to kick out Anjali and Simar. They are finding some way. Piyush and Aarav take a stand for Simar. Aarav asks Anjali how can she do this with Simar. Piyush says I m ashamed to call Anjali my sister, did she go mad to treat Simar this way. Piyush loves Simar a lot. Piyush has come home for family’s sake, knowing the bad situation at home. Piyush says I will teach a lesson to Anjali. He gets angry seeing Simar’s insult. The family leaves food and go. They are sure that Mata Rani will save them from Anjali’s evil. They have a month time to manage things. Sameer enjoys the family drama. Piyush wants to fail Sameer and Anjali.


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