Goenkas and Singhanias at loggerheads in Yeh Rishta…


Naira, Kartik, Dadi and Kirti come to meet Naksh at Singhania house after his accident. Naira is stuck between both the families and duties. Kartik is upset with Baisa. He is hurt by Baisa’s words. Baisa is angry on Dadi for trapping Naksh when she could not get anyone else for Kirti. Naksh hears them talking. Baisa scolds Naira. Naira asks her what’s wrong if Naksh marries Kirti, she will not let their happiness suffer. Baisa asks Naira does she think only elders are wrong, how can she decide everything when elders are alive to think. Baisa is angry when Naira interrupts in the matters. She asks her to stay as Goenkas bahu, and not try to take decisions for her Maayka.

Baisa tells Naira that Goenkas are trapping Naksh, but sending Kirti to meet him. Naira says Kirti is not laying any trap. Baisa suspects Kirti’s intentions. Naksh feels bad and cries. Kartik pacifies Naksh and hugs her. Naira and Kartik are much worried. They did not think this would happen if they try to unite Naksh and Kirti. Naira does not want both families to get at loggerheads. She was expecting Singhanias and Goenkas to have a strong bond like Singhanias and Maheshwari. Kartik asks Naira to be careful, things should not go wrong like last time. Baisa is adamant that she won’t let Naksh marry Kirti. Naksh feels Naira’s life is spoiling because of him, and he can never tolerate this. He wants to make everything fine.


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