High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Sasural Simar Ka: Sameer and Anjali dine together. They annoy everyone. Anjali makes Sanjana her servant and insults her. The family gets miffed and dine sitting on the ground. Anjali makes Simar drop the food and scolds her. She tortures Simar and asks her to have the food fallen on the ground. She asks Simar can’t she see and walk, as Simar always gives lecture on respecting food, she should not respect food. Anjali is creating problems for them. She can’t be made out of the house now. Anjali has turned evil now. Anjali asks Simar not to insult food, food should not get waste, so you have it. Anjali is troubling everyone as they all support Sanjana.


Tejaswini has come home. Bhaiya ji had made a special throne for her. He gives her much respect. Ranjana gets jealous seeing them getting all the attention. She argues with Bhaiya ji, who scolds her for saying bad in such an auspicious time. He asks Ranjana to be silent. Suraj is confused about Bhaiya ji’s step. Suraj says I will be keeping an eye on Bhaiya ji. He thinks Bhaiya ji is hiding something.


Neil comes home drunk. He comes home with Riya. Shweta and Bebe get angry on Avni. Shweta asks Avni to see Neil is drunk, this is because of Avni’s doings. Shweta blames Avni for ruining Avni’s life. Shweta asks Bebe to praise Avni now. She scolds Avni and asks her to stay away from Neil. Bebe asks Avni to prove her innocence, why is she listening to people if she did not do anything. Avni thinks to go and find proof of her innocence. Kareena and Amol get food for her. Avni decides to prove her innocence. Kareena says we both care for you and got food, have food, we are with you. Shweta insults Avni. Avni takes a decision to leave home. Shweta says Avni did not get any proof of her purity, how can we believe her.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren fills Pooja’s maang without a second thought. Pooja scolds Naren for doing this without thinking anything. She says Surbhi is waiting for you in mandap, you have cheated her by doing this. Naren has filled Pooja’s maang to save her from society taunts. Pooja does not support Naren. She worries for Surbhi and says you did a big mistake. Naren asks her would I see your life getting ruined, I m responsible for all this, I could not keep quiet when people were blaming you, I m Surbhi’s culprit, she can punish me anything she wants. Pooja says no punishment can relieve Surbhi of her pains and sorrows, and I also don’t want to live this way with a guilt to snatch someone’s love. She argues with Naren.

Chandrakanta imagines Virendra. She wants to meet Virendra, knowing he is in Naugarh, he is around and close. Virendra knows her feelings and senses she is missing him. Virendra comes to meet her. Chandrakanta and Virendra come close. They have a romantic moment. They get some moments of togetherness. Chandrakanta wants to forget everything, and be with Virendra. Chandrakanta and Virendra are strong individuals. Chandrakanta has gone through a lot. She wants Virendra to love her. It has to be seen how Virendra will tackle their enemy.


Shivay and Omkara take care of the baby. Shivay and Omkara work hard to manage baby alone. Shivay turns into a Junglee and dances in a filmi style to entertain the baby. Shivay does not want the baby to cry again. Shivay tries to impress the baby, but the baby gets scared and cries. Shivay takes baby in lap. Shivay is soft hearted and can’t see the baby’s tears. Omkara supports his brother and helps him in the big challenge to manage the baby. They dance for the baby and pacify. Shivay got all his time for the baby. Gauri enters the room, but Omkara does not come in her sight. Shivay and Omkara hide the baby by lying. Anika knows the brothers are hiding something. They try to make a story and fool her.

Mohini plans to scare Simran. She puts the blame on Raj. Mannu finds Simran in trouble and runs to seek help from Raj. She finds the scary mask with Raj and gets mistaken that Raj was scaring Simran badly. She gets angry on Raj for keeping enmity to this extent.


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