Naksh-Kirti’s alliance causes tension in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh sheds tears thinking of his alliance with Kirti. Naksh decides to meet Kirti and know what’s in her heart. He gets worried with both families’ terms getting bad. Naira argues with Baisa, and tells her that Naksh and Kirti’s happiness matters to her. Baisa says this matter will not end if you say, if Kirti and Naksh get married, this will affect your and Kartik’s relation too.

Naksh is fine and brought home from hospital. Naira worries for Naksh’s state of mind, will he be able to move on with Kirti. She does not want Naksh to get under pressure. Goenkas wants Naksh to get fine soon, so that they can take alliance talk ahead. Kartik explains Naira to handle the situation well, nothing wrong should happen. Kartik and Baisa got into an argument before. Kartik was hurt knowing Baisa’s thinking about a divorcee. He is very angry on Baisa. He asks Naira to talk to Baisa and explain her that her thinking is wrong, it was not Kirti’s mistake that her marriage broke. Naira promises him that she will try to control things.


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