Shivay’s Junglee act next in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay's shocking methods to settle scores

Shivay and Omkara take care of the baby. Shivay and Omkara work hard to manage baby alone. Shivay turns into a Junglee and dances in a filmi style to entertain the baby. Shivay does not want the baby to cry again. Shivay tries to impress the baby, but the baby gets scared and cries. Shivay takes baby in lap. Shivay is soft hearted and can’t see the baby’s tears. Omkara supports his brother and helps him in the big challenge to manage the baby. They dance for the baby and pacify. Shivay got all his time for the baby. Gauri enters the room, but Omkara does not come in her sight. Shivay and Omkara hide the baby by lying. Anika knows the brothers are hiding something. They try to make a story and fool her.

Shivay boils some milk for the baby. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya are trying to find out what the boys are doing inside the room, they are not letting anyone come in. They have become agents and working on the mission to find what the guys are hiding. They keep their code names and trick Shivay and Omkara. Anika uses walkie talkie and informs Bhavya. They will be knowing about the baby soon. Anika takes the laundry basket, in which Shivay has hidden the baby. Omkara tells this to Shivay and asks what will we do now. They run to stop Anika. Anika will be finding out about the baby. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya will doubt on the guys, and ask them to go for a DNA test to figure out the facts regarding baby’s father.


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