Omkara to mend his relationship in Ishqbaaz


Gauri asks Omkara to calm the baby. The baby keeps on crying. Gauri consoles the baby. She sings a lullaby for the baby. Omkara gets surprised seeing the baby liking Gauri’s company. The baby brings freshness at home. Omkara says I thought singing and dancing will not pacify the baby. Everyone gets attached to the baby. They all start loving and caring. They all try their hand in baby management. Gauri and Omkara argue.

Gauri asks Omkara why is he not letting her go, why is he stopping her at home, when he used to ask her to leave always. She says you don’t believe in our relation, you don’t regard me as wife, how shall I stay here in your room. He asks if anyone has hurt her, does she have any problem. Pinky has scolded Gauri, and hurt her emotionally. Gauri tells Omkara that its about her self esteem, not any problem, even a bird stays in her nest with self esteem, love and everything depends on respect. She asks him to tell him, if he is just pitying her and making her stay. Omkara assures her that this won’t happen with her again, she will not be hurt. He promises to give her wife’s status.


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