Sanjana to oppose Anjali’s evil in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer fills Sanjana’s maang again. Anjali gets angry seeing this. The family members clean the house. Anjali commands them and asks them to finish all work before breakfast, else they won’t get any food. Sanjana comes late, and Simar does Sanjana’s work. Anjali dislikes this and asks Sanjana to wake up at 5am. Sanjana asks Sameer to fill sindoor in her maang. Sameer asks her what’s this new drama. Anjali says Sameer will not fill sindoor, get lost. Sanjana is standing against Anjali. She will get powerful and answer Anjali. Sanjana and Anjali’s rivalry will be seen. Sanjana trusts her love and friendship.

Simar asks Sanjana did she forget what Sameer did. Sanjana says I did not forget anything, but I trust Sameer and believe in the seven vows we took during marriage, I m sure Sameer will love me. She knows Sameer cheated her and did much wrong, but she has seen truth in his eyes when he confessed love to her. She asks Simar to trust her, everything will be fine. She asks Sameer to fill her maang for her friendship’s sake. Sameer gets emotional and agrees to her. Sanjana knows he is a good person, and he really cares for her. Sameer gets affected by her words. Sanjana will fail Anjali by her simplicity and goodness. Sameer is not bad hearted, but has come to take revenge. His background story will be known to everyone soon. Anjali has much hatred in her heart. She does not care for anyone now. She wants to trouble everyone, even if she does not get happiness and love.


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