Tejaswini returns to haveli in Udaan


Tejaswini has come back to the haveli on Bhaiya ji’s insistence, after Suraj has forgiven Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji had made a special throne for her. He gives her much respect. Ranjana gets jealous seeing them getting all the attention. She argues with Bhaiya ji, who scolds her for saying bad in such an auspicious time. He asks Ranjana to be silent. Suraj is confused about Bhaiya ji’s step. Suraj says I will be keeping an eye on Bhaiya ji. He thinks Bhaiya ji is hiding something.

Suraj and Vivaan argue over driving the car. Their annoyance did not get over yet. They argue on every little thing. Chakor and Imli made plans to make Suraj and Vivaan’s terms better. She thinks of going out, but Suraj and Vivaan stay angry with each other. Chakor asks them to stop arguing. She tells them that she will drive the car and calms them.

Suraj and Vivaan get their wives to the restaurant to spend some good time together. They come to have lunch. They all look happy and take selfies. Suraj and Vivaan get into an argument, and hold each other’s collar. They fight about Imli. Suraj defends Imli, which does not go well with Vivaan.


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